Business Buzzwords, Inspired Streetwear & Bucket List Trips

Business Buzzwords, Inspired Streetwear & Bucket List Trips

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." Dalai Lama


Annnddd we're back again.

A quick update of what's going on and what's next for the WGA crew

As we prep our 6th newsletter, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed writing articles each week. Every time we release a new issue, I deliberate on ways to enhance the reading experience and make it better. Next up: we will be having the boys take turns on a segment each week (keep scrolling, because we save the best for last). I am pleased to let you know that none other than the cow lover himself, Chris will be featured next week. Stay tuned! 

In other news, we are back home and I must say it is delightful to eat a home cooked meal. Uber Eats and undercooked chicken pasta will not be missed for the time being. Would you like to know what isn’t delightful? The price of gas. I was shook. What used to cost me $50 CAD to fill my tank now costs $85. I don’t know what the reasoning for this madness is, but immediately no. That is a “love you bye” moment without the “love you”. 

Without further ado, welcome to this week's newsletter.


Business Buzzwords so Bad They Should be Banned

Eliminate these from your vocab or people may not want to work with you

Ever wondered what the difference between a “banker bro” and a “frat guy” is? No, it isn’t graduating from daddy’s credit card to a company Amex. It’s worse, much worse. I can speak from experience on this one. I witnessed first hand how buzzwords help the unknowledgeable banker bro seem knowledgeable. Add in a couple of half priced beers on Tuesday and some shi*ty pick up lines and, boom! An accurate portrayal of the character this article represents. 

That may have come off harsh, but some of my closest friends are these guys and you learn to just love ‘em for who they are. 

I digress. Let's step inside a scenario here. You enter the workplace on a Monday morning. This workplace may be a physical office or even a virtual one. Nonetheless, it’s the last place you want to be. On your walk in or log on you greet your colleagues with the standard pleasantries that everyone hates but still does. Nothing too out of place is happening; you're just waiting on your caffeine to hit and help you get through the day. Oh, but a quiet day was too good to be true. Enter “that guy” or “that woman”. You know the one I’m talking about. The overly enthusiastic and borderline nauseating a** kissing boss lover, who can’t wait to talk about their diet of the week or how waking up and going to the gym at 4am changed their life. Let’s call him Tim.

Tim hits you with a “What’s happening rockstar? I am ready to give this week 110%. I played hard this weekend and now I’m ready to work even harder.” He may even try to toss in a fist bump. Tim probably sipped 3 whiteclaws while power swiping on Tinder on his way in to work this morning. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse,  he hits you with a “If I had a quarter for every email I have I wouldn’t have to come in today. Even though I still would choose to. I love wearing many hats in this company”.

You get the idea? Can you point out the buzzwords? If so, let us know.  A recent survey from language tutoring site Preply found out just how strong the love-hate relationship is with buzzwords. While over 70 percent of respondents said that they use buzzwords in the hopes of sounding more professional, it seems most really don't like them. 

Moral of the story. Stick to the words you know unless it's your Wordle of the day. Yes I meant to say Wordle. Use that word as much as you can. Here are some other buzzwords to keep an eye out for (and avoid):

  • Thick skin
  • Ninja
  • New Normal
  • Circle back
  • Think outside the box
  • Roadblock


Beer Brand Takes to the Street 

Michelob Ultra unveils streetwear line to reflect growing wellness strategy 

As companies begin shifting to different marketing strategies to further promote their brand and scale awareness, nothing is out of the question anymore. If anything, the more ludicrous a venture is, the more people are probably going to talk about it. Prominently, we are seeing traditional businesses make moves in Web3 and the metaverse. A solid plan if done properly. Bud Light, McDonalds, Nike are just a few of the household names who have taken such action. Then there is Michelob Ultra. *Crickets*. They are launching a line of sportswear with a social purpose. How innovative. I apologize for the bias, but my loyalty stays with Bud Light and Bud Light only. However, this is an interesting story and I will cover it. 

I do respect two things here. Since coming onto the beer scene in 2002, they are the fastest growing beer brand in the U.S and number 2 beer in the industry according to sales. Can’t deny numbers. No matter how badly I want to. Secondly, they are finding avenues that align with the core mission of their brand. A for effort, D- on taste. 

They are partnering with an advertising agency in Mexico City to release the collection known as “Michelob Origins”. The line is made up of 16 T-shirts designed by eight Mexican artists, but the merchandise is only currently available in the Mexican streetwear chain Lust.  So why comment on the story? I truly think this speaks to how adaptable companies need to be in order to stay relevant. You have to be comfortable in being uncomfortable. Wait, is that a buzzword? Probably, but it’s true. Brands cannot stay in one lane. Look at how Amazon started and where they are now. Imagine how different the eCommerce landscape would be if Amazon had only stuck to books.

The campaign reflects Michelob Utra's shift toward marketing itself as a healthy, lifestyle-forward brand in order to reach  a younger, more wellness-focused generation.  With the slogan "Train your FUN side," the new streetwear campaign is designed to "balance the scales between fit and fun," The 16 T-shirt designs are meant to reflect a variety of personalities and tastes. As part of the campaign, Michelob Ultra released a series of videos on its YouTube channel showing off the artwork. .

Due to the fewer calories and 2.6 grams of carbs, the brand has positioned itself as the healthy alternative to heavier brews among the competitive beer landscape. Cheers to that and this endeavour, I raise a Bud Latte.


Biggest Travel Trend of 2022

The year of the bucket list trip

If your friend tells you to jump off a cliff do you do it? Maybe. 

If your friend tells you to hop on a flight and travel do you do it? Absolutely not. 

Kidding, yes, yes you do. You do it without question. That’s how Alex and I started. I mean yeah people have responsibilities, families, jobs etc. but treat yourself to a vacation. The last 2-3 years have prevented people from international travel. Now is the time. Although, maybe avoid Europe. People aren’t playing nice over there. 

Despite the tumultuous start to 2022 with the Omicron variant snarling the travel industry, international travel is expected to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Expedia has even gone as far as calling it the “GOAT” year. “Greatest of all trips”. Badum chhh. In a survey of 12,000 travelers across 12 countries, Expedia found that 65% of them are planning to “go big” on their next trip. Side note: I used to think that going to Great Wolf Lodge and getting pizza was splurging. I still think that way. 

There has also been a jump in searches to “epic destinations,” according to a report published in November. Searches to Tanzania (+36%), flights to Jordan’s Petra (+22%) and bookings to cities near Machu Picchu (nearly +50%) rose from 2020 to 2021. These places sound great and all, but if you haven’t done the toilet bowl at GWL…start there. It’s a feeling like no other. 

On a serious note, the economic impact Covid brought to countries who rely on tourism as a main driver for GDP was devastating. For example, the Maldives relies on tourism for 75.1% of their GDP. Essentially ¾ of their revenue. The jobs that were lost and the number of businesses that had to fold was ruinous. Now, these countries have to work on rebuilding their infrastructure/tourism model to appeal to the 18 - 34 year old travelers who are driving the trend. 

Twice as many U.S. respondents indicated they were willing to spend more to see “bucket list” destinations (32%) rather than book luxury experiences (15%) or room or flight upgrades (16%), according to Expedia. I still stand with the fact that the Great Wolf Lodge and Pizza Hut fall into luxury experiences. 

Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk. Mic Drop.


We Go Along Top Picks

Our favourite Food, Funk, Flix and Fact of the week

How Long - Marcus King Band 

Last week, I went to my first concert in over 2 years and what a pleasure it was to see the über talented Marcus King. Marcus has the voice of someone who’s drank whiskey and smoked a pack a day the last 40 years…yet he’s only 25 years old! Some people just have IT. I say all this to encourage you to check out this song and the rest of his catalogue as it consists of such soulfulness blended with flavours of southern classic rock. This song transports me from this crummy early spring weather to a beautiful mid-July day.. (at least in my mind) and I can only hope it has a similar effect on you. Enjoy!

Peaky Blinders | 2013 - 2022 | Drama | 6 Seasons

This British period crime drama set in Birmingham, England, follows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First World War. The fictional gang is loosely based on a real urban youth gang of the same name who were active in the city from the 1890s to the 1910s.

Random fact of the week

Humans are the only animals that blush. We are also believed to be the only animal that feels embarrassment—a complicated emotion requiring understanding others' opinions and other factors. Charles Darwin called blushing "the most peculiar and most human of all expressions," while Mark Twain said, "Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to."

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