Care Bears Countdown, Pretty in Pink and Natural Wonders

Care Bears Countdown, Pretty in Pink and Natural Wonders

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Care Bears Countdown: 4, 3, 2, 1

Care Bears partner with the Sandbox to bring back nostalgia with NFTs

I can’t be the only one who found the Care Bears disturbing? Much like Teletubbies. I don’t know what it is about kids show cartoons, but I could picture the Care Bears banding together for the worlds largest apocalypse. Isn’t one of the names “baby tugs”? Whack.

Putting my personal bias aside, Cloudco Entertainment brand Care Bears has partnered with Recur to create Care Bears Forever, an NFT collection and Metaverse experience reflective of the popular bears and their personalities that will launch Aug. 4. Recur and Cloudco will release 10,000 profile pictures (PFPs) of the 10 original Care Bear characters that will serve as the key to entering the Care Bears Forever gameplay, which features challenges and mystery NFT prizes that can only be unlocked by collaborating with other users.

Care Bears Forever celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary and will also include never-before-seen bears. The partnership is one of several moves by the company to pay homage to Care Bears’ ’80s roots while nodding to a younger audience.

Other nostalgic brands have taken a similar route. In June, Mattel announced its partnership with Cryptoys to launch Barbie and Hot Wheels inspired NFTs. Barbie also joined forces with Forever 21 to launch a limited-edition Barbie summer 2022 collection that is available in-store, online and on Roblox.


Pretty in Pink

Victoria's Secret PINK reveals first male celebrity ambassador

In order to further its inclusivity efforts, Victoria’s Secret announced that actor and producer Darren Barnet will be the company’s first male celebrity brand ambassador. Barnet, who stars in the Netflix show “Never Have I Ever,” will promote Pink’s Gender Free collection, which includes shorts, T-shirts, sweat sets and accessories. 

Pink first introduced gender free styles in February 2021. Barnet will also help launch new styles and be the face of the brand’s fleece shirt jacket in the fall. I think it's called a "shacket"?

The Victoria’s Secret sub-brand is marketed to a younger demographic, and has generally bypassed criticism the company’s namesake brand has undergone in the past regarding sexualized marketing. Sex sells but definitely comes at a cost. 

While the company is pushing forward its gender-free apparel options, intimates continues to drive sales, according to Victoria’s Secret CEO Martin Waters. Last year, the lingerie retailer announced its “VS Collective,” a group of influential women that will help the company “be more culturally relevant,” according to Waters.


Natural Wonders At Risk

These natural wonders are facing a perilous future

The world is full of natural wonders but many of our most precious landscapes are increasingly at risk. Whether it's the imminent threat of climate change, destructive weather systems or the toll of human impact, some of Earth's most incredible, important and enchanting corners are facing a precarious future.

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah, USA: An area of 1.35 million acres of land considered sacred to indigenous peoples in southeast Utah was designated as the Bears Ears National Monument in 2016, just before Barack Obama left office. But a year later, then-president Donald Trump downsized the area by 85%, opening up parts of the striking landscape, which is characterized by rock plateaus, cliffs and canyons, to mining and drilling. However, since his departure, it's not all bad news. President Joe Biden has now moved to restore protections that will expand Bears Ears from its original designation.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo: Mountainous Kahuzi-Biega National Park is in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and an important refuge for the eastern lowland gorilla. While the park was created to protect its extraordinary flora and fauna, humankind has begun encroaching on its unique habitats. So much so that UNESCO inscribed it on its List of World Heritage in Danger in 1997 due to threats including poaching and political instability in the region. In recent years some local communities have started logging in parts of the protected area that shelter the critically endangered gorillas, threatening their habitat and way of life.

Vatnajökull, Iceland: Europe’s largest glacier can be found in Vatnajökull National Park, a spectacular protected wilderness area in southwest Iceland. Once stretching over more than a tenth of the country, the UNESCO World Heritage Site now covers a mere 8% of the island. It has a surface area of around 3,127 square miles (8,100sq km) but is shrinking rapidly due to climate change. It’s thought to be retreating by a length of nearly three football fields a year in some places.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: The snowy glaciers at the summit of Africa’s largest mountain are also disappearing – one lost 16.4-foot (5m) in thickness between 2000 and 2009. Others are melting rapidly. The changes could be to do with the increase in temperature in the Indian Ocean, which is altering the climate and winds around the mountain. Experts predict that Kilimanjaro's northern glaciers could completely disappear by 2030.

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe: One of Africa’s mightiest spectacles, the thundering Victoria Falls is showing the effects of climate change as the region gets hotter and drier. The worst drought in a century reduced its waterfall to a mere trickle in 2019. While water levels improved a few weeks later after rains fell in the Upper Zambezi River, the level was still much lower than previous years. Ongoing changes to one of Africa's most famous tourist attraction will have widespread ramifications for both the waterfalls’ ecosystems as well as its local economies.


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The Most Hated Man on the Internet | 2022 | Documentary | 1 Season | Netflix

Hunter Moore found himself a morally-corrupt goldmine with the creation of – a website intended for nights out which devolved into something dedicated to revenge porn before revenge porn even officially had a name.

Random fact of the week

When the show came to an end, the cast of the popular TV show Friends negotiated syndication rights for themselves. That means they receive a percentage of the revenue (two percent) from reruns airing across all broadcasting companies. Since the much-loved TV show still pulls in around $1 billion of revenue, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry all make major dough each year for doing, well, nothing—$20 million is the estimate.