Christmas Drive, TikTok Ads & Travel Tips


"Drink heavily with locals whenever possible." Anthony Bourdain


WGA Makes BIG Impact for Kids in Need

Christmas Drive raises $20,000 for FOOD4KIDS Niagara

Over the last year, Alex has done an exceptional job at building a community that promotes positivity and inclusion. Within a year, that community has grown into the We Go Along (WGA) brand. We Go Along is bigger than all of its included creators. It is a rallying cry, a real tell of the tale of when a community comes together to support a cause that is close to the heart of those involved. 

The boys decided it was time to give back to those in need and were insistent that they chose a charity close to their hometown in Niagara. After in-depth research, Food4Kids Niagara was a clear choice. 

After a kick-off on TikTok live, the WGA community raised upwards of $20,000. This resulted in over 400 kids and 180 families being provided with food and toys. A surreal moment. One that brought a focal point of reflection and appreciation to the community that made this happen. 

But for real, FurReal Koala toys need to be canceled. Creepy toys like that deserve no spot to spread the Christmas cheer. 

Oh, check out the highlights in the link below:


Brand Puts TikTok to the Test in Super Bowl Ad Race

State Farm video challenge takes aim at new customers

Over the last decade, brands have deployed new strategies for customer acquisition. A shift from traditional media such as; newspapers, radio, and TV commercials to social media and user generated content has been a difficult path to navigate to say the least. The premise of marketing is to curate a compelling ad that will attract attention with the purpose of turning that attention into consumers using products or services. When attention begins to turn from one medium to another, brands have to pivot in order to remain relevant, especially to new customers.

A company that has established itself with a strong brand presence is State Farm. Everyone knows “that guy” Jake. He  has been characterized as a staple of association with the company. A clever tactic. Although, as other companies adapt to presenting their ads through digital mediums, State Farm is pushing their action in a not so similar fashion. 

On January 22, State Farm launched the #TeamStateFarm campaign aimed to trade star power for people power by utilizing TikTok trends to push users across the platform to post their own videos. Jake has amassed a following of more than 238,000 followers on TikTok so far and #TeamStateFarm has reached over 3.3 Million views since inception (and climbing).

Users will also pick the winning video by liking their favourite. Ultimately, the top three videos will remain pinned on Jake's account and the winner will be granted the opportunity to be involved in State Farm’s next commercial. The campaign will end on Superbowl Sunday. 


Travel Tips from TikTok

Not all travel hacks are created equal

So the boys have spent the last 4.5 months traveling. From almost missing flights due to late nights at the Roxie, multiple lessons have been learned. For one, Justin has a knack for getting pulled over for random checks and Alex always gets his carry on flagged by TSA. So when stress rings high (especially for one of these guys) anything that can be done to make the travel process a little lighter has to be taken into consideration. The following TikTok travel hacks will be sure to assist you on your next flight:

1. Disguise a carry on as a pillow
Since airlines don't impose fees on pillows, zip your suitcase overflow into a pillowcase for an extra (free) carry on. The catch? Now you have to carry a pillow full of lumpy sweatshirts.

2. Snag a row for you and your travel buddy
The dreaded middle seat is for suckers. By booking an aisle and window for you and your friend, you increase the chance of scoring the row to yourself. If your flight isn't fully booked, the odds may be in your favour!

3. Cut out the online booking fee
Got some time? Flexible travel plans? Head to the airport to purchase your tickets and skip the online booking fees. This only works for low-cost carriers that have booking fees, so do your research ahead of time.


We Go Along Top Picks

Our favourite Food, Flix and Fact of the week

Frenchy's Original Cafe | 41 Baymont St., Clearwater, FL

Grouper Sandwich: The sandwich wasn't jaw dropping. However it still had that appeal that any good sandwich should have. It was a little bit on the messy side, but anyone knows that the messy sandwiches usually end up being the best.  After the first bite I was pleasantly surprised with how little of the fish I could actually taste compared to what it was dressed with. Since I'm not a huge fish kinda guy, that was a good thing. However there was just something about the sandwich that couldn't completely win me over. All in all, it was still cooked very well and they had great french fries to back it up. If you're ever in the Clearwater area, I'd definitely recommend checking out Frenchy's. Good food and great service. 
Overall Rating: 7.5

Silcone Valley | 2014 - 2019 | Comedy | 6 Seasons

Follows the struggle of Richard Hendricks, a Silicon Valley engineer trying to build his own company called Pied Piper.

Random fact of the week

Before 1913, parents could mail their kids to Grandma’s through the US Postal Service. Rules about what you could (and couldn't) mail were vague with other's taking advantage of the loophole to send eggs, bricks, snakes and other unusual “packages.” The more you know.