Taking a Moment to Reflect

Taking a Moment to Reflect

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." Winston Churchill


Lessons Learned

A quick update of what's going on and what's next for the WGA crew

My friends, I saw that this is our 23rd volume of the newsletter. I have a love-hate relationship with this number. Why? When I was 10 years old I had soccer practice on Wednesday evenings. Every week I had to leave 15 minutes early because my mother had to make it home in time for Criminal Minds. She spent 4-5 times a week taking me to practises, games, and tournaments so I guess it was a compromise I had to make…*insert eye roll as well as my satire humour*. Needless to say, my number was always 7. BUT not that year. I was given 23 because I couldn’t stay and claim the number that meant oh so much to me. First world problems are a b*tch sometimes. I also developed knee problems that year and I credit that to the events of misfortune that began from that dreaded Wednesday evening. 

Enough ranting. I hope all is well with you guys.

Alex having his account back and being out West is definitely a strong comeback to the demise of BuBu. A few of the activities we had in motion got brought to a halt during that week of retrieval. I am excited to get back to that upon his return home.

We will be releasing the “Party Kits” this upcoming Monday, August 8th. They are a limited stock as the cost to produce was higher for us due to manufacturing restraints overseas and having all of the products custom-made. This will also be our last merchandise release for a while as we are focusing on other pursuits for Alex in the coming months. As well, the supplier we found for custom apparel is still extremely backed up due to the continued impact the pandemic has had on international manufacturing and shipping.

I thought I would change it up this week as I have taken some time to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned over the course of this past year: 

1. Pivot when needed. Trial and error is a key element in building something that is sustainable over time and sometimes things just don’t work. As we have both said before, check back in a few years and see where it's at. When things aren’t working or they don’t pan out; you accept it, learn from it, and take the next step forward. Whatever that may be.

2. Never underestimate the power of community. One of the biggest dues I attribute to Alex was from the get-go he wanted to build a community. He wanted to interact with as many of his supporters as possible and when I say he is grateful for the people who support in all facets, he truly is. As one of the most genuine guys I know, you guys mean more to him than maybe you even realize and that is a direct reflection on how powerful you are as a community. It is remarkable.

3. Doing too much is doing nothing at all. When I took my step back from being a part of the content it was because I was spreading myself too thin. Although it is fun structuring and making videos with Alex, it did not align with my long-term goals and allocating a lot of time towards that was not efficient. I found myself burning out and I couldn’t put my best effort towards my actual duties.

4. The importance of balance in a partnership. When Alex asked me to assist him in his endeavor, I saw an opportunity. A risky one, but nonetheless an opportunity. My job was and has reverted back to, making sure he is set up with the proper resources financially and operationally and providing infrastructure to his platform. Where I felt I over extended myself was in trying to work with Alex on his style of content and posting. Which I learned the hard way you can’t do. A creator needs to be left with their creativity and willingness to create. Pushing people to post even when they aren’t feeling it is not the move. If asked, you help. If not, you don’t. He has an innate ability to capture an audience through his lives and TikToks with his relatable personality, charismatic charm, and hell of a DT.

5. Just go along with it. A year ago I was working on the first version of the We Go Along website. I would have never imagined traveling to the places we did, meeting the people we have, and the opportunities it led me to. It’s cliche but you truly do never know what life will throw your way.