Do you Wordle, Kanye is King and Carry-on Essentials

Do you Wordle, Kanye is King and Carry-on Essentials

"Build something 100 people love, not
something one million people kind of like."
Brian Chesky, co-founder Airbnb


We're happy you're here

A quick update of what's going on and what's next for the WGA crew

Currently, I am writing this newsletter in the airport that we arrived 7 hours early to for our flight home. After being cooped up in a hotel room for 5 days quarantining, I’ll take it. Before we venture off to Colorado we are taking a quick trip home to take care of some business regarding our soon to be property as well as merch. I also miss my dogs… and family. Who else can’t wait for PB’s allergies to come back? 

Any-who, I want to take a moment to give my most sincere appreciation and thanks for the support that has been shown to Alex since the beginning and to both of us since our venture began this past summer. From battle gifts, apparel, and either commenting on videos, signing up for this newsletter (that I can barely write right now) and every engagement with us and our content, from the bottom of our hearts it means the world to us. It is our goal to show you what kids from a small town can accomplish with the support of the best community on the internet. We stand by that statement. 

As well, our boy Will Weaver will be adding a segment each week and if you haven’t tuned into his new TT account (Willweaver98) be sure to check him out. 

Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with those in Ukraine and those who are being affected by the events occurring in Eastern Europe. It is truly heartbreaking.


Do You Wordle?

WTF is Wordle, and are you playing?

It’s funny how an app has seemingly accomplished what the education system has been aiming to do since, well forever. Actually, hold that thought. Probably since they moved on from whipping kids with a meter stick after realizing that it indeed isn’t the most efficient method of getting kids excited about learning. You get the point, people have long been searching for a way to make learning fun. Enter the word game taking the world by storm “Wordle”. Not only does it sharpen your cognitive function but it gives you another passage of bragging to friends and family if you can guess the word of the day in under 6 tries. If you can’t then I suggest clocking some more hours on Candy Crush. 

So what is it and where did this phenomenon begin? Yes, you may have guessed it given the clues. You take scrambled letters and try to decode the hidden word. There is one word every day, which is the same for everyone. The new puzzle is released every day at midnight. AND GUESS WHAT?; They even have colours. But these colours have a purpose. Each time you guess a word, the letters will turn green, yellow or grey to indicate if it is in the correct spot.

The app originally launched on Nov.1 2021 with 90 active users. Since then it has been acquired by the New York Times and amassed a user base of 2 million. The price tag for the app was in the “low seven figures”. Not too shabby for Jack Wardle, a Brooklyn engineer, who took an extremely innovative spin off of his last name and took his Covid side hustle straight to the bank. Kudos to that guy. Seriously though. 

This is a prime example of why passion projects work. Jack mentioned in an interview with NPR that he and his partner always played word games but were frequently annoyed with ads and constant notifications. So he took the unconventional route of app development and made something for them to personally enjoy. 

Here, try and decode this:


*Hint: If you actually get this, then head out of the gutter.


Kanye is King, or is he? 

Why Kanye turned down a $100M deal from Apple. Honestly we're not sure. 

Kanye is no stranger to the headlines. With his recent docu series premiering on Netflix, an album release and uhhh apparently not being too thrilled about Kim K’s new man, Kayne has been an almost daily headline recently. If I lost Kim Kardashian, I’d be pretty upset too. Although, I don’t think sending threats is the right move. I could be wrong though. 

Regardless of his actions and outlandish statements, you cannot deny the man holds a creative power that will make him go down as one of the greatest producers/rappers in history. His eye for marketing and his ability to promote an album is not only genius but borderline psychotic. He has proven time and time again that he will go to any length to sell his records. 

Now, if that is the case then I have one simple question. What the actual f*ck is he thinking trying to sell stem players for $200? These mini speakers are the only way to access his new album Donda 2. Two factors prove that this is flawed. One, if a group of hackers can hack the Russian government website, I am fairly confident someone will pirate this album. Second, he turned down a $100M deal from Apple. Let’s break down the math. Kanye sold 10,000 units at $200. That equals $2,000,000 and yes I used my calculator for that one. After album expenses, taxes, and record label percentage I don’t think it was a wise move, Financially anyway. I am not naive to the fact he is already rocking a nice wallet but if I was in his shoes and I knew a divorce was just around the corner I’d be selling my soul for that deal (kidding but not really).


What's In Our Carry-On Bags

WGA crew shares our top must have in-flight items

Over the last 5-6 months, Alex and I have learned our lessons when it comes to flying. Don’t wake up hungover for a 9am flight and don’t fly with Southwest (no hate).

One of the most pivotal points in our travels is ensuring we have the right necessities in our carry on. Well, I’m actually going to speak for myself on that one and you’ll see why. This is why Alex is who he is and why we love him as much as we do. A simple man who eats airport pizza before an 8am flight, chooses Bud Light and mozza sticks as an outlet for stress when flights get delayed, and has only the most essential items in his carry on.

I present to you the aid of Alex's travels: 

  • Oculus Rift VR Headset for a quick 18 holes before boarding.
  • Ring light for those mid-flight selfies in case the lighting isn’t to his standard. 
  • Toiletry bag to stay fresh. 
  • Phone charger because who doesn’t love an airport LIVE? 
  • 2 hats because well, who doesn’t need two hats on a plane?
I repeat, only the most essential items for carry on travel. Now, I on the other hand have a far less interesting assortment of items I deem as essential to keep my comfort in check but here's the shortlist: 
  • Laptop and external hard drive - I personally find I get the best focus and work done in an airport. Why? I have no idea. 
  • Change of underwear and socks - I hate getting off a plane wearing the same pair of socks. 
  • Book - rarely do I ever read on a plane but for some reason I always have one there. Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me thinking a girl will catch interest in a guy reading a book. I say that jokingly. Sort of. 
  • Small bag of vitamins - I just need them. 
  • Toiletry bag - I have to brush my teeth on a plane. I don’t know why but I do.
  • Second pair of headphones - I've lost one pair in an Uber on the way to an airport and I refuse to make that mistake again.
  • Gum, Listerine spray and strips, lip balm, hand lotion - goes without explanation. 
  • Liquid IV - nine times out of ten we somehow end up at a bar.

There you have it. That is the list of possessions we bring with us.


We Go Along Top Picks

Our favourite Food, Funk, Flix and Fact of the week

My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer

I was supposed to see JM last weekend but now it’s been postponed 'til May. Anyways, I went out and bought Room for Squares on vinyl and was reminded of how great this song is. The lyrics really paint the picture of a date/relationship gone south, all brought on by the writer’s (John) inability to say the right thing. We’ve all been in that scenario before where the lack of closing our mouth has gotten us into trouble and we swear it’ll be the last time that ever happens…but it never is. “I played a quick game of chess with the salt and pepper shaker.” — I think this line is a fantastic way to describe the inability to sit still in an uncomfortable situation.

Inventing Anna | 2022 | Drama | 1 Season

"I do not have time for this! I do not have time for YOU!"

A journalist investigates the case of Anna Delvey, the Instagram-legendary heiress who stole the hearts and money of New York elites.

Random fact of the week

The "M's" in M&Ms stand for "Mars" and "Murrie." That would be Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the two businessmen who created the candy-coated chocolates. The two actually had a very contentious relationship, as Mars leveraged Murrie out of his 20 percent share in the company in 1949—years before M&Ms would become the best-selling candy in the U.S., paying him just $1 million for a share of business that would quickly be worth billions. 

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